El Niño y El Cuento

Latino Arts Culture & Education has provided with guidance to the writing contest, El Niño y El Cuento since July of 2014. In the year 2016 we began our fiscal sponsorship partnership and we are proud to continue with it in the year 2017.

About the contest:

El Niño y El Cuento is a writing contest that aims to develop the interest of our children in reading and writing. The contest is not focused in grammar but in writer’s creativity, reader’s empathy and their writing natural technique. The reason of its judging format is based on the principle that the contest will seed the interest in writing and grammar will follow with time and dedication. After the contest, children should be motivated to improve their grammar to continue their careers as award winning writers.

Mission: Our mission is to be an incubator for writers and avid readers in the United States, using literary contests as a resource to reach our objectives.

History: El Niño y El Cuento was created in 2014 to respond to the extreme necessity to engage children in literature. The contest invites children to develop their imagination through creative writing and it has been active since 2014.

Services & Activities: Currently, we only have the El Niño y El Cuento contest for children.

Contact: info@elninoyelcuento.com