"A lot of things we need can wait, children can't [...] to them we cannot say 'tomorrow', the name is today."

                                     — Gabriela Mistral

We are in a constant search for creative programming for our community, no age restrictions... absolutely NO restrictions. Our main goal is to open every receptive line to receive arts, culture and education in a positive and transformative way for each individual at a time.


"[...] it's necessary at first that society cares about the educational system, that equality of opportunity for self-realization is guaranteed."

                                     — Joseph Beuys

Our team of researchers is in constant movement to provide relevant information about arts, culture & education. We put our heart into it hoping to create an impact in both in English & Spanish.

Have something to share? Let us know!


"Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun."

                                     — George Scialabba

Do you have a great idea? We have the means and infrastructure to help you develop your project. In the past couple of years, we have performed as fiscal sponsors and/or facilitators for festivals, writing initiatives, concerts, book presentations, exhibitions and more. Contact us today and let's make it happen!

Expo Amhiga-67

Do you want to make an impact in our community?

We are in constant search of talent, please contact us if you are interested in our volunteer opportunities...